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Wingedbot I – An introduction


First, a quick introduction to Wingedbot-I which is also know as Wingedbot. Wingedbot is a scratch built robot with following feature:

  • Based on Atmel’s Atmega32A running at 11.0592MHz Microcontroller
  • PSU (LM7805 based 5V and 7.4V)
  • Proximity Sensors (4 modulated IR sensors)
  • Line Sensor (IR based array with 4 sets of IR emitter and detector with analog output)
  • Ultrasound Range Sensor (1 HC-SR04)
  • Bluetooth Module (HC-05)
  • Servo motor (VIGOR  VTS-08A)
  • LCD 16×2 (JHD 162A)
  • Battery Pack (2S Lithium-Ion x2 7.4 V each)
  • Encoder (PS2 mouse based encoder)
  • Buttons for Input (again from PS2 mouse)
  • Actuators (6V DC toy motors and a gear box from tor cars)
  • Body is built using acrylic sheets, spacers, nuts and bolts
  • Designed in such a way that can be easily assemble or remove any part.

This is basically a platform to learn and exploit features of MCU. It is entirely programmed using C in Atmel Studio 6.1 using WinAVR compiler.

AvrDude and USBasp is used to burn hex files to Atmega32 via ISP.

There will be many other posts that I will write to give you details about every step in building this robot. It took me lot of time reading, understanding, trying so many different things to get it into this shape and I will share all the hurdles and challenges that I faced in developing Wingedbot.